Totally free unit converter

onverterCE Pro is a unit conversion program for most commonly used units.

Key features include:

  • Area, astronomical, computer, energy, flow rate, force, frequency, fuel consumption, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, torque, and volume units
  • Number base conversions
  • Electrical unit conversions
  • Clothing size conversions
  • Currency conversions with downloaded or user-defined rates
  • Euro fixed rates conversions
  • Price comparison
  • Circle related calculations
  • Area or volume calculations
  • Days between dates calculation
  • Windchill calculation
  • IDD country code reference
  • City area code reference
  • Clothing care label reference
  • Sales tax or VAT rate reference
  • Computer display standard reference
  • Support VGA mode (Windows Mobile 2003 SE)

Comprehensive unit-conversion application for your Pocket PC. Package includes the complementary desktop PC version.



ConverterCE 1.8c